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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


While shopping in Vegas we stopped to ride the quarter rides and Parx was cracking me up on the motorcycle, he kept doing his "Tricks" the superman. Maybe it was in spirit of his supercross shirt he was sporting that day. Ha Ha my little stunt man

To Cut or Not To Cut???

So Pman's hair is getting way long... which is what I wanted but its not really looking the way I thought it would. I think if it gets longer it will look good, but I dont know if I want to keep growing it out to find out. So my question is to cut or not to cut? If I do cut it I want its going to be like this....

Playing in the Sand

Kash, Parx, Cambria and Kysen

My Dad just set the batting cage back up and we layed sand down, (the hard way, I shoveled for like 5 hours) but we stopped to have some fun and burried all the kids. They thought it was so funny, Parx kept laying down on the ground saying Burry me mommy! Now he calls it "the beach"

Monday, March 22, 2010


Hello blog world! I have been MIA for soo long, it just got to be too much keeping up with facebook and myspace and the blog that I just stopped... but I will be back now, for anyone who cares ha ha.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dinner

All the girls went to Chili's for Mary's Brithday, it was way fun! Happy Birthday Mary!

Shelley, Mary, Cami and Amanda

Kerra Babes and I

Kaysha, Sarah and Tara
I took Parx and Kash on the tube at the lake, and they loved it! I was surprised neither one of them were scared. It was a fun day at the lake, thanks Justin!

Cardboard beds

The other day at Kysen's baseball game the boys found these boxes to play in, it was so funny because both of them layed in them and pretended to sleep! They seriously looked like two bums.

Parx and Kash practicing being homeless